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10 Oct 2020

Jointly Organized by

Iconference, New Delhi
All India Ayurvedic Specialist (PG) Association

About All India Ayurvedic Specialist (PG) Association

All India Ayurveda Specialist (P.G) Association also named as “AkhilBhartiya Ayurveda Visheshajna (Snatkottar) Sammelan” had been established in 1978 and registered as a society in New Delhi vide Registration no. 10211 dated 4.5.1979. This Association is committed to propagate Ancient wisdom of Ayurveda through organization of various conferences, Seminars, Lectures, webinars (National and International), exhibitions and essay competitions. This is a unique organization having all post graduate members to provide an opportunity to sharer views,clinical experiences and updates them with latest advancements. AIA (PG) Association has also taken a lead in running country based Ayurvedic specialties camps in various parts of our country.The organization gives a worthy platform to academicians, researchers and practitioners to discuss relevant issues and pave a path in developing new approaches and policies in the benefits of humanities also working to represent various problems being faces by Ayurveda to the notice of the Government authorities. The ultimate beneficiary of all those activities is the consumer of health services. This Association is purely scientific, social, cultural organization and has no political alliances.

The association is always ready to work for the upliftment and globalization of Ayurveda and welfare of Ayurvedic Graduates and Post Graduates.

About IConference

Iconference is one of the leading organizations in organizing conferences and seminars, based in the New Delhi. IConference had been established with the commitment to promote research and education through national and international conferences, webinars, workshops. Our seminars are related to academics and research subjects, such as, Engineering, Technology, Humanities, Medical Science, General Science and Business Management. We provide international scientific forum for exchange of new ideas in a number of multidisciplinary fields that interact in-depth through discussion with the colleagues from around the world. We provide the ideal opportunity to bring together professors, researchers, graduates, post-graduates students of different disciplines, discuss new issues, and discover the most recent development in the relevant fields. Being one of the best organizations, we work on a global level and are associated with many renowned universities and journal publishers.

About the Conference

As countries introduce measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19,the new realities of working from home, temporary unemployment, home-schooling of children, lack of physical contact with other family members, friends ,colleagues and fear of infection of COVID -19 virus has created negative impact on mental status. Data reveals that mental health issues are on rise in the present COVID-19 era. Ayurveda the ancient science of life has given due importance to health promoting practices (swasthvrtt), correct behavior (sadvrtt) and Ayurvedicpsychotherapy (Sattvavajaya).Ayurvedic science more concentrated on the aspect of mind, body and soul and thus molded the system of Ayurveda as treating process combining both mind and body. It also declares that health is the result of pure body, happy soul and selfless mind. It teaches us how to rediscover critical knowledge and awareness of the natural forces and rhythms that compliment and strengthen our human experience, through the understanding of the psyche, our inner experiences and also involving practical daily activities thorough attention to our total environment to bring about radical changes in our mental outlook and in physical health. Thus keeping these facts in mindAll India Ayurveda Specialist (P.G) Association is organizing International webinar on “Revival of Mental Health in COVID-19 era. The objective of webinar will be:
1.To gather academicians, practitioners and scientists at one platform to discuss the potential of Ayurveda for Revival of Mental health.
2. To provide opportunity for Ayurveda scholars to discuss various dimensions of mental health In COVID -19

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