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2nd International Conference on Research in Multidisciplinary Studies

Organizing Committee


Prof. Dr. Sabah M. Karim Kallow

(Conference Patron, ICRMS-2023)


Dean, Al-Mansour University College, Iraq

Mr. Raman Kumar Roshan

(Conference Patron, ICRMS-2023)


Pro-Chancellor, Aryavart International University, India

Prof. Dr. Abdulsatar S. Salman

(Co-Patron, ICRMS-2023)


Vice-Dean, Al-Mansour University College, Iraq

Dr. Gunjan Bansal

(Conference Chair, ICRMS-2023)


Chancellor, Aryavart International University, India

Director, IConference

Dr. Bushra S. Mohammed Alnoori

(Conference Co-Chair, ICRMS-2023)


Professor, Department of English, Al-Mansour University College, Baghdad, Iraq

Mr. Deepak Bansal

(Conference Secretary, ICRMS-2023)


Registrar, Aryavart International University, India